How long will the paper copy be available?

Currently there are only about 800 books left. When they are exhausted there will not be a second printing. So, if considering whether to have one on your shelf, don’t wait too long.

Why is the book + PDF edition the same price as each individually?

Some customers might just want the book and not have a computer or device.
Some customers might already have the book and want just the PDF edition with all its additional information.
All other customers should have both and I want to encourage that while supplies of the book last. 

What all is in the PDF edition that is not in the book?
  • Each chapter has an additional section at the end of the chapter for supplemental information applicable to that chapter and organized in the same manner as the chapter. This is where info and photos developed since the book was published have been added.
  • Each appendix has been expanded where appropriate.
    • Appendix A lists all engine part numbers (including obsolete) and engine illustrations.
    • Appendix B has additional samples of belts.
    • Appendix C has additional details on carburetors and a full parts listing for each individual carburetor by tag number.
    • Appendix D includes all distributor part numbers.
    • Appendix E now includes all flywheels and flex-plate markings.
    • Appendix I has been greatly expanded to cover more high performance information and photos.
    • Appendix K includes starter motors, plus there is a full parts listing and illustrations for all accessories.
  • There are extensive internal links for quickly getting to the information of interest, plus bookmarks.
  • All changes and corrections to the book have been incorporated into the PDF Edition. 
What do I need to view the PDF edition?

Any PDF Reader can view the PDF files. Adobe Reader has many features to customize how the PDF is displayed and navigated. See the Home page for a greater discussion.

Where can I get a PDF Reader?

Most computers and device will have a PDF reader already installed. You can get a free download of Adobe Reader (officially called “Adobe Acrobat  Reader DC”). Click here.

How big of a download?

Very large. In order to insure the quality is as good as the original book and allow for great zooming for details, the book was divided up into 24 PDFs. In most cases, one PDF is devoted to each chapter and each appendix. Total for all PDFs is about 585 MB. See the Home page for more details on downloading and viewing PDFs.

How long does it take to download?

Generally under 5 minutes, but depends on your download speed. As soon as you save the first PDF on your computer, you can select the next to download before the first has completed its download. In this way, you can quickly select all the downloads in a little over a minute, then allow the downloads to take whatever time is needed to complete. There is no need to wait on a completed download of one PDF before selecting the next one.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Because of special requirements (customs forms) and high shipping costs, physical books cannot be processed through this website for foreign or overseas delivery. Use the contact form with your request and your order will be processed manually after shipping can be determined and customer agrees to the cost. This does not apply to the PDF Edition by itself, which can be ordered outside the U.S.

I can't order more than one book at a time.

To keep costs to a minimum, all shipping is Media Mail flat rate for one book. Normally, it is very rare for a customer to order more than one book at a time, or to order more than one downloadable file. Of course additional books can be ordered by simply re-ordering. As an alternative, you can make your request through the Contact page and the transaction will be completed manually for as many books as you desire, and by whatever shipping method requested.

Why do I have to create an account to purchase/checkout?

Your account will include the products you purchased. Purchase of the PDF Edition enables you to download updated files for free for as long as this website is maintained.

Hopefully this will answer some common questions about the book and PDF edition, but please use the contact page if your question is still unanswered.