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Engine assembly & block core

engine blocks, main bearing caps, crankshafts, crankshaft bearings and seals, connecting rods, pistons and piston rings, harmonic dampers, and standard crankshaft pulleys


Cylinder head details

cylinder heads, head gaskets, valves, valve springs and retainers, valve guide seals, push rods, rocker arms and studs, tappets, camshafts, camshaft sprockets, thrust plates and spacers, timing chains



intake manifolds, throttle linkage, choke tubes, fuel pumps and filters, fuel lines


Carburetor details

attaching parts


Air Cleaners

including decals



exhaust manifolds, locking tabs



oil pumps, oil pressure senders, oil pan, oil filters, oil dipsticks and tubes



oil caps, road draft tubes, PCV valves, valve covers and decals



front timing chain covers, water pumps, temperature senders, standard fans and spacers, water pump pulleys, thermostats and housings



distributors, coils, ignition wires, spark plugs


Electrical generation

generators from 1962 to 1964, and
alternators from 1962 to 1969


Vacuum accessories

vacuum ports and power brake tubes


Power steering

pumps, brackets, and related


Air conditioning

compressor, engine brackets, pulleys, fans, and related



1966-68 smog control



Engine tags

Appendix A includes engine application; engine door tag codes; engine tag numbers; engine change levels, dates when changes occurred and their significance; valve cover and air cleaner colors; external engine component colors.

PDF edition includes, exhaustive parts number listing for all engine components, engine parts illustrations



Appendix B covers belts, including belt sizes for crankshaft, generator, alternator, water pump, power steering, air conditioning, and thermactors; belt applications, markings, original part numbers, 1970 replacements, and J-numbers



Appendix B covers pulleys for crankshaft, generator, alternator, water pump, power steering, T/E pump, air conditioning idler, and air conditioning magnetic clutches; lists applications, sizes, and markings; shows pictures of all A/C idler pulleys; describes and pictures all A/C compressor magnetic clutches


Carburetor specs

Appendix C covers carburetor applications and tag numbers; Ford replacement carburetors; jet sizes, venturi sizes, bore diameters, venturi booster stamped codes, power valve identification, and carburetor recognition features; major carburetor settings and adjustments; carburetor spacers and casting numbers; T/E systems illustrated and part numbers listed; detailed carburetor component parts list; carburetor illustrations; tune-up procedures.

Some features are only in the PDF edition.


Distributor details

Appendix D covers application and stamped numbers; replacement distributors; distributor types; cams, weights, springs, vacuum advance housings; cam settings for 1965/69 distributors; 1968/69 vacuum control systems; distributor advance curves; original ignition wire sets.

PDF edition includes complete parts listing and illustrations.


Casting numbers

Appendix E covers engineering/casting numbers found on cylinder blocks, timing chain covers, cylinder heads, harmonic dampers, water pumps, thermostat housings, intake manifolds, and exhaust manifolds.

PDF edition includes flywheels and flex-plates.



Appendix F covers fan applications for all vehicles; fan descriptions; fan spacer lengths; fan and spacer markings; viscous clutches and applications



Appendix G covers applications and markings; cam specifications


Cylinder heads

Appendix H covers applications and combustion chamber volume; chamber shape; discussion of compression ratios; milling results on compression ratios


High Performance

Appendix I covers 289 high performance engine and part numbers; the story; unique differences; Cobra distinctions; 1964 Comet HiPo TSBs; nodularity; hardness; sequential numbers; C4 automatic; factory 289 high performance exhaust systems; prototype, exotic, unusual, and interesting HiPo pictures; Ak Miller high performance tips; Cobra kits with illustrations, part numbers, and kit contents breakdowns; 1969 Holman & Moody HiPo parts listing; 1968-69 Cobra and Shelby HiPo parts listing; Ford’s 1969 Muscle Parts staged performance program, including installation of high performance mechanical and hydraulic cams, spring and spring retainer selection, installation of 351 Windsor cylinder heads, distributor dual-point conversion, conversion of a 289 into a 289/302 high performance engine, and installation of GT40 valves in 351 Windsor heads.

Many of these features are only in the PDF edition.


289 HiPo details

Cobra Kits


1969 Muscle Parts Program

Exhaust systems & exotic parts


Technical Service Bulletins

Appendix J includes all major Ford and Mercury bulletins on 1962 through 1969 small block V8s; bulletins segregated into the same major system sections used in the chapters



Appendix K covers identification generator and alternator stamped numbers and pulley applications; starter motor application and stamped numbers (PDF edition); 1965/69 Ford P/S pump tag numbers; A/C compressor tag numbers; complete part numbers and illustrations of all accessory components (PDF edition).



Appendix L covers abbreviations, sources, and credits

How To Use, Table of Contents, Index


How To Use This Media

explains the layout


Table of Contents

All chapters and appendices with links



full links to all areas of the book