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Change Description

TOC & Chapter 1
          11/5/2019 – Updated for change in Appendix I.
          2/27/2023 – Updated to include additions to Appendix E.
          3/7/2023 – Updated to include Manual Transmission Front Case and Extension Housing ID to Appendix E.
          3/13/2023 – Updated to include Clutch Fork and Boot to Appendix E, and Engine Mounts to Appendix K.
          11/23/2023 – Updated to include changes made to Appendix K.
          5/30/2024 – Updated to include changes made to Appendix E.

Chapter 2
4/4/2023 – On page 2-36, picture and text for 2G4 changed to reflect updated thermostat information
          8/1/2023 – On page 2-47, text added for picture 2K4(g) to include initial and final adjustment of speed-up valve.

Chapter 3
9/3/2020 – Page 3-64 changed to properly decode 2G27 as July 27, 1962.
          9/6/2020 – Pages 3-35 & 3-45 changed 221 air cleaner/valve cover colors to blue for the Fairlane and yellow for the Meteor.
          9/8/2020 – Title page title corrected to Chapter 3 – 1963 221/260/289 V8.
          11/13/2020 – On page 3-58 caption for 3K10 changed from “Some early York compressors in 1963” to “Most York Compressors in 1963”.
                      Caption 3K11 changed from “In 1963” to “In late 1963”.
                      York compressors with side oil fill holes used for most of 1963. Those with top & bottom oil fill holes introduced in late 1963.
          11/4/2021 – Additional info added on 63 production water pumps on pages 3-78 & 3-79. Generator info moved to new pages 3-80 & 3-81. Index updated.
          11/25/2023 – On page 3-68, caption 3LA8, additional included about the 289 HiPo crankshaft.

Chapter 4
          2/24/2020 – Page 4-64 changed to include picture of the Sunbeam Tiger engine tag dated October 1963 (3-K).
          3/31/2020 – Page 4-45 caption changed to include “specially sized 376942-S freeze plug”.
          5/7/2020 – Page 4-4 and caption for 4K2 on page 4-54 changed to indicate that the idle speed-up system was never designed for
                      compatibility with the 289-4V.
          10/26/2021 – On page 4-75 new information provided on early 1964 production C3OE-8505-A and C4OE-8505-A water pumps.
          11/11/2021 – On page 4-10 transition date updated to 2-24-64 for 289 2V/4V heads.
                                          On page 4-11, transition date updated to 4-2-64 for 289 HiPo heads.
                                          On page 4-12 dates 2-24-64 and 4-2-64 listed as transition dates.
                                          On page 4-14 caption for 4C2 updated to included finding of a 4D29 C5OE-9425-A intake manifold.
          3/5/2024 – On page 4-44, the transition date from the C4AE-6059-B timing chain cover to the C4OE-6059-A was about March-April 1964.
          3/9/2024 – On page 4-17, major revisions to 4C8 on the 1964 choke system.
          7/11/2024 – On page 4-69, change in throttle shafts shown that occurred around the design change of the accelerator.
                      Material rearranged and two pictures eliminated for space considerations.

Chapter 5
          4/26/2021 – Caption on page 5-67 for picture 5LA1 altered to include more details on intake manifold and credit for information and photos.
          4/11/2022 – Caption on page 5-20, photo 5C5 revised for greater detailed information.
          3/9/2024 – On page 5-19, major revisions to 5C4 on the 1965 choke system that took place mid-year.
          7/11/2024 – On page 5-7, pictures added to show service replacement exhaust manifold C2OZ-9430-C which replaced the 62 manifold with a 65 manifold machined for 62 engines.
                      Pages 5-7 and 5-8 rearranged for space consideration.

Chapter 6
          2/10/2020 – Caption on page 6-28 changed for PCV valves. C5AE marked valves used through 1967. C6AE marked valves used on big-block Ford,
                      but in 9-67 replaced all C5AE valves for service.
          3/9/2024 – On page 6-17, revision on pictures and caption for 6C6.

          11/4/2021 – Updated to reflect changes to Chapter 3, pages 78 through 81.
          5/30/2024 – Updated to include changes made to Appendix E.

Appendix A
11/30/2019 – Part number C6DZ-10884-A added and notes revised for application of C6DZ-10884-A and C6DZ-10884-B on page A-133.
          11/16/2019 – Caption for chart changed on page A-10. Added Note 3 on page A-36. Typos fixed on A-37 and A-42.
                      Part number corrected to C3AZ-6303-F on page A-43. Note 3 added for part number C6AZ-18599-B on page A-135.
          10/24/2019 – Corrected misspelling of Chevrolet on page A-10.
          3/31/2020 – On pages A-22 and A-23 C2OZ-6019-B description has added info on oil filler bore diameter.
                      C4AZ-6019-B has new Note 5 for information on 376942-S cup (freeze plug).
                      Old Notes 5 through 7 renumbered 6 through 8.
          3/31/2020 – On page A-79 C2OZ-6763-A description includes info on diameter of the bottom of the oil filler pipe.
          6/26/2020 – On page A-63 the part numbers for C4AZ-6507 exhaust valves have been corrected to C4AZ-6507-A, B, C, and D.
          9/6/2020 – On page A-10 changed air cleaner/valve cover color for 1963 Meteor to yellow.
          12/6/2020 – On page A-104 in description column added spring painted blue for C3AZ-9398-F.
          1/17/2021 – On page A-7 engine codes for 302-2V Galaxie more clearly defined. Engine codes 285 and 286 used for difference engines
                      in 1968 and 1969. Taxicabs and Police Cars used F engine code in 1968 and D in 1969.
          2/1/2021 – On pages A-58 through A-63, valve stem outside diameters changed to match Ford’s Master Parts Catalog. 1962-63 221/260
                      exhaust valves revised to 0.3094″. 1966/69 289/302 exhaust valves, except those for the 289 HiPo, revised to 0.3420″.
                      All 1965-69 289/302 intake valves revised to 0.3420″.
          4/26/2021 – On page A-149, caption next to engine illustration includes source for information.
          11/5/2021 – On page A-22, the quantity for B2A-6026-B changed to “1”.
          11/11/2021 – On page A-27, Note 7, Mercury transition date updated to 3-26-64 to use same convention as Ford.
                                          On page A-62, Note 2 Ford transition date corrected to 4-2-64.
          11/13/2021 – On pages A-46 through A-49, part numbers and notes corrected to properly show base numbers where 6333 replaced 6A338 and 6337 replaced 6A339.
          11/30/2021 – On pages A-110 and A-111, quantity of 9447 gaskets changed to 2 per engine (top and bottom of carburetor spacer). Note 1 added to explain gasket replacements.
          12/29/2021 – On pages A-100 and A-101, description for 9343 includes application detail for C3AZ-9343-A and C3AZ-9343-D.
                      Note 8 inserted for C3AZ-9350-M. Evidence appears to indicate that C3AZ-9350-M included both late 1963 and 1964 configurations.
                      Casting for 64 configuration corrected to O-1658.
                      C4GY-9350-A part number moved to Note 8.
                      C3AZ-9350-H application changed to exclude 289.
                      C3AZ-9A359-A application on page A-102 changed to exclude 289.
                                           On page A-104, under 9398, Part number corrected to C3AZ-9398-A, and replacement to C3AZ-9398-F.
                      Note 3 inserted for C3AZ-9398-B as a later interchange, which was a 1962 352/390 V8 diaphragm with blue painted spring.
          1/5/2022 – On page A-39, description for C2OZ-6A251-A corrected.
                                    On page A-138, 6A251 kit included for bearings 6261, 6267, 6262, 6270, 6267 and rear plug 6266.
          1/8/2022 – On pages A-74 and A-75, C9ZZ-6701-A now lists a replacement and a Note 5..
          4/1/2022 – On page A-101, description for C3AZ-9350-J revised to include 3628S as a marking in addition to 3623S..
          4/6/2022 – On page A-131, part number corrected to C2OA-9784-A.
          4/18/2022 – On page A-110, Note 1, part number corrected to C3AZ-9447-A.
          2/9/2023 – On pages A-11 through A-13, in the Engine Colors table, the heading “Natural” was replaced by “Unpainted”. On unpainted parts, more details provided.
          4/4/2023 – On pages A-88 and A-90, change made to link clutch disc assemblies & clutch pressure plates to Appendix E, page E-11 for different presentation of these parts.
                                    On pages A-96 & A-97, rewrite for thermostat listing and notes. Link to special section on thermostats on pages A-150 through A-157.
                                    On page A-133, change to Note 6 for water temperature senders in regards to changes in thermostats mid-1962.
                                    Pages A-150 through A-157 added to discuss thermostats and application in greater detail.
          6/16/2023 – On Index page, link created to jump directly to thermostat special section.
                                      Page A-150 has a link to page A-96 for thermostat opening and fully open temperature ranges for all thermostat temperature ratings.
          7/26/2023 – Corrected link to Appendix B.
          8/4/2023 – Fixed non-working link.
          11/12/2023 – Part number for 8513 gasket added on pages A-94 & A-95.
          11/24/2023 – Note 2 added for transition between C2OZ-6303-A and C3AZ-6303-F. Following notes renumbered.
          4/5/2024 – On pages A-124 and A-125, The part number for the “Retainer – Carburetor Thermostatic Choke Control Insert” corrected to B9AE-9A715-A.
                      Also, Note 3 added to extend application to include 59/62 292 V8s and 59/63 352/390/406 V8s.
          7/11/2024 – On pages A-108 & A-109, base number for left side exhaust manifold corrected to 9431.
                      Also casting number for C2OZ-9430-C changed to C4OE-9430-A, note added with link to pictures in chapter 5, and remaining notes renumbered.
                      New casting number added for C2OZ-9431-B, when Ford machined the C3OE-9431-A for the 62 outlet flat gasket
                                      On pages A-130 & A-131, base number 9C786 and part number added for adaptor on bottom of 64/69 right side exhaust manifofds.

Appendix B
7/26/2023 – Corrected link with Appendix A.

Appendix C
          1/24/2020 – Corrected application for B8AZ-9A592-D and B8AZ-9A592-E as well as their associated notes on page C-78-79.
          11/18/2019 – Corrected carburetor listing for Note 10 on page C-17.
          12/1/2020 – On page C-4, C5AF-A and C5AF-B remarks added to applications for PCV valve.
                      C5AF-AH and C5AF-AJ remarks added to applications for vent tube and Note 8.
          12/1/2020 – On page C-7, Note 8 updated.
          12/1/2020 – On page C-9, Note 38 added for C5AF-A, C5AF-B, C5ZF-A, and C5ZF-B.
                      Note 38 and 39 added for C5AF-AH, C5AF-AJ, C5ZF-G, and C5ZF-H.
          12/1/2020 – On page C-12, Notes 38 and 39 added.
          12/1/2020 – On page C-18, order of economizers from rich to lean changed. Ratings for each economizer added.
                      Also C5ZF-A economizers changed.
          12/1/2020 – On page C-19, economizers for C3OF-AJ added for higher altitudes.
          1/15/2021 – On pages C-18-19, economizer (power valve) details explained, pictures of dye colors added, and tables revised.
          3/13/2021 – Changes made on pages 70-73 for omissions for early Autolite 4100 carburetors.
                      Codes A, J and K for Autolite 4100 added for part number 9F565 (Filler-Accelerator Pump Cavity).
                      Codes J and K for Autolite 4100 added for part number 9575 (Retainer-Accelerator Pump Check Valve) and associated washer.         
          4/10/2022 – On pages C-66 and C-67, Idle Adjusting Needle applications and notes revised for C1AE-9541-C and C1AZ-9541-A. Subsequent notes renumbered.         
          5/6/2022 – On pages C-82 and C-83, Note 16 added for C3AZ-9849-A and C3AZ-9849-B. On pages C-84 and C-85, applications combined for C2AZ-9850-D and Note 4 revised.         
          2/19/2024 – On pages C-56 and C-57, the repair kit for C4GF-D, C4GF-E, C4GF-AA, and C4GF-AB was corrected to C2SZ-9590-A and C2SZ-9590-B.    
          7/11/2024 – On pages C-74 & C-75, note 5 added to B8AZ-9581-A.

Appendix D
          12/14/2020 – Spring color for B8QH-12192-A changed to silver and B7A-12191-A to purple based on actual field evidence.
                      Color blue was added for B8QH-12192-B.
          12/22/2020 – On page D-10 cam for C4GF-12127-A corrected to C0AF-12210-B.
          12/24/2020 – All 1962-64 distributor advance profile graphs on pages D-22 through D-25 updated to better reflect the “knee” where the
                      secondary distributor advance spring tension joins the primary spring tension.
          4/26/2021 – On page D-12, cam base part number corrected on last three part numbers listed.
          4/29/2021 – On page D-8, distributor C4OF-12127-A secondary spring corrected to B7A-12191-A.
          6/29/2024 – On page D-12, C2OZ-12192-A spring color black. Stop part numbers added and note changed. Calibration washer added, measured specs given, and note changed.

Appendix E
          11/11/2021 – On page E-9, Note 15, info included for earliest discovered date code (4D29) for C5OE-9425-A intake manifold.
          1/20/2022 – On page E-7, flex-plate stamped number C8OP-6375-A has been confirmed.
          2/20/2022 – Pages E-11 to E-20 added to Appendix E to cover manual transmission clutch discs and pressure plates used behind Ford’s small block V8 engines,
                      bellhousing and converter housing casting numbers are listed for all manual and automatic transmissions, and
                      the tag ID for all manual and automatic transmissions used behind the Ford small block V8 are listed.
          2/28/2022 – On page E-14, Griffith Ford toploader transmssion tag ID corrected.
          3/7/2022 – Manual Transmission Front Case and Extension housing casting ID added on pages E-20 & E-21.
          3/13/2022 – Clutch Fork and Boot added on page E-20.
          5/30/2024 – Clutch Hub and Throwout Bearing added on page E-22.

Appendix I
          11/5/2019 – Rewritten AC-Cobra Distinctions section (pages I-32-41b).
          2/24/2020 – 289 HiPo Sequential Numbers chart updated on page I-55.
          1/11/2021 – 289 HiPo Sequential Numbers chart updated on page I-55.
          3/16/2021 – On page I-63, corrected C5ZZ-5260-C year application to 65.
          9/9/2022 – Text and captions on pages I-21-24 were edited for greater detail on the Comet Durability cars and the 1964 Fairlanes with C4 automatics.
                      Four addition links added for two Comet TSBs, 289 HiPo C4 automatic, and Fairlane Arvinode dual exhaust system.
          9/9/2023 – On pages I-2, additional info is included in the second full paragraph about pricing of stock 289 HiPo parts in the years 1963-67.
                    Also, the illustration of the 1963 289 HiPo from the Buyer’s Digest in now in color.
                                   On pages I-3 to I-13, price information is included in the chart.
                                   On page I-6, part number for the Valve Spring Retainer has been corrected.
                                   On page I-9, Note 23 changed to include replacement part.
                                   On page I-10, Note 23 changed to include replacement part.
                                   On page I-13, Note 10 changed to include replacement part.
          11/3/2023 – On pages I-3 to I-13, price information expanded to include prices for 1962-67.
                                   On page I-12, part number C5OZ-9700-C corrected to C5OZ-9700-A.
                                   On page I-55, graph updated.
                                   On pages I-60 to 62, factory exhaust system components included price information for 1964-67 for Fairlane and 1965-67 for Mustang.
                                   On page I-55, part number C3OZ-5A256-G corrected to C3OZ-5A246-G.
          11/25/2023 – On page I-28, the paragraphs on the 289 HiPo crankshaft has been revised and updated.

Appendix J
6/27/2020 – The spelling of ohmmeter on page J-61 has been corrected.
          4/28/2021 – On page J-72, length of 40923-S8 bolt corrected to 1/2″.
          5/2/2021 – On page J-72, note added for positioning horn bracket bolt center off washer nozzle mounting screw hole to
                      better position horn relative to air conditioning and heater hoses.
          7/4/2024 – Date corrected for update. No other change.

Appendix K
11/13/2020 – On page K-32, Note 3, change made to read “C3AZ-19703-B for late 1963”.
                                         On page K-33, caption B changed to read “Beginning in late 1963”. Last sentence changed to read “Yorks used for most 1963”.
                      York compressors with side oil fill holes used for most of 1963. Those with top & bottom oil fill holes introduced in late 1963.
4/2/2022 – On page K-3, for base part number 10139, Application corrected to F(30).
3/13/2023 – Pages K-74 through K-85 added to cover Engine Mounts for 1962-69 vehicles with small block V8s.
3/14/2023 – Typo corrections on page K-83.
8/4/2023 – On page K-31, eliminated C2OZ-11350-B part number.
8/8/2023 – On page K-53, changes made for 62 pumps under 3A691 listing. The 3A696 heading corrected to also see 3A691. Corrected replacement for C3OZ-3A696-A.
11/23/2023 – On page K-60, changes made to text to include the C3OZ-3A635-E Power Steering Pump & Support Kit (commonly called P/S to A/C Adaptor Kit).
                                         On page K-62 through K-65, instruction sheets reprinted for C3OZ-3A635-E kit.
                                         Previous pages K-60 through K-85 renumbered K-66 through K-91.
                                         On page K-69, part numbers C2OZ-3A635-F and C2OZ-3A635-C listed correctly (previously shown as C3OZ-3A635-F and C3OZ-3A635-C, respectively).
                                         On pages K-70 through K-72, listings rearranged to insert the contents of C3OZ-3A635-E.
          6/21/2024 – On page K-4, listings for generator field coil (10175) corrected.

2/27/2023 – Updated to include additions to Appendix E.